Blending all the natural ingredients with an exquisite taste in every single drop, we at Athena Tradewinds Pvt Ltd are confined in bestowing our clientele an ideal gateway to a healthy lifestyle.

Taking customers’ health into note, we are proud to present our brand new healthy edible oil product manufactured by using the cutting-edge expertise and espousing stringent norms of eminence.

We are the vibrant and integrated company backed up with a vivacious team striving to christen a trusted and a prominent brand name standing first amidst our target market.

We are here to break the myth that, “Health and Flavours can’t go hand-in-hand.” Hence we have introduced edible oil made from constituents that delineate taste and endow healthy living.

Leveraging purity and hygiene as the prime aspect, Athena Tradewinds Pvt Ltd has come up with rich edible oils of superior and ucompromised quality – Aarushi Soya and Aarushi Gold.

Manned with an   effervescent team striving for excellence and enduring hard work, we are bestowing our clients with safe and hygienic products. Our entire process is conducted as per international standards of quality and specifications.

Be it people, processes, products or investors, we are steadfast to give them 100% best value to our vendors and the entire society. These edible oils are adopted using the various stages in European Refining Technology to create a combination of purity and flavour by retention of natural ingredients.

Taking into contemplation of our customers, we are more concerned in gratifying their taste and health. Thus, we have come up with materials that are health cognisant. All components processed in the edible oil endorse brain -health, lower the jeopardy of cardio-vascular diseases and skin nourishments. Appended with a defining quality and trust, we welcome you all to a healthy lifestyle!

Aarushi – The New Brand in the World of Health and Flavours!