We are a vibrant and integrated company backed up with a vivacious team striving to christen a trusted and a prominent brand name standing first amidst our target market.Athena Tradewinds Pvt. Ltd. (ATPL) is a commodity based company that trades in various agri-commodities with its niche expertise in Edible Oil – Crude Sunflower oil. The company is headquartered in Indore, India and its branch offices in Chennai, Mumbai and Kakinada.Athena Tradewinds started with the vision of “Rising Beyond Exepections” in the commodity industry with a mission to utilize the growing potential of the Indian Agri-market and identify prospective import and export feasibilities from and to various International markets vis-à-vis Indian Market.Athena has carved its own niche in the sourcing and supply of Crude Sunflower oil of Ukrainian origin to India and Middle East. Since its inception in 2010, the Company has rapidly grown to become a robust company with strong supply chain management for Crude Sunflower Oil.Athena Tradewinds has its offices at strategic locations in India to cater to exclusive demands from various niche buyers of Crude Sunflower oil. It has a fully functional head-office in Indore and branch office in Chennai. It also has its execution offices in Mumbai and Kakinada for supplying crude edible oils from JNPT and Chennai port. It also handles its operations at Kakinada and other ports.Today, Athena and its team confidently cater to global import and export needs of businesses related to sourcing of Crude Sunflower oil from Ukraine. We also remain committed to sourcing of premium quality grains and pulses viz. Ukrainian Sunflower meal, Russian and Ukrainian Yellow Peas directly from wide range of producers and exporting them from Ukraine and Russia supplying to various global destinations.Athena Tradewinds Pvt. Ltd. team draws upon its competitive edge from its vast experience in various markets its trades in. Our due diligence and keen eye on the markets along with its strong hold in various exporting markets enables the company to gain direct access to major supply sources. This makes us one of the most competitive suppliers of best quality crops from various markets including CIS, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.
At Athena, our vision is about “Rising beyond Expectations”. As a forward looking company, we aim to work as a global enterprise in bringing origin and destination markets closer to fulfill each other’s needs.
To utilize the growing potential of the Indian Agri-market and trade in various agri-commodities. To identify prospective import and export feasibilities from and to various International markets vis-à-vis Indian Market
Promoters of Athena Tradewinds Pvt Ltd. have not been immersed in only procuring business and making profits. They realise the need to enhance and expand their core inner values as well. This accountability has given birth to our small venture to reach out to those in need. Starting with the donations charities arranging food for ill and hungry at the government hospital, the company is pledging to support more under privileged in the society. Our aim is specifically for food and education in association with Indian Charities. Balaji Sewa Samiti, Indore has become the first recipient of the goodwill of Athena Tradewinds Pvt Ltd. Our assistance assists the charitable mission to arrange food for the ill and needy every first Sunday of the month at the local government hospital – MY Hospital, Indore. We are in the middle of chalking out charitable calendar for the future as we realize the importance of giving it back to the society, which had aided us to be where we are today.